Sunday, 26 October 2014

All Bricked up

We had our Boral Sandstone Gold double and single height bricks delivered way back in August, as we'd ordered them just before the price rise at the end of June, and they simply had to be paid for and delivered back then.

20 pallets of double height, 2 pallets of singles

After many delays of getting the doors ordered and finally delivered, followed by having them installed, as the bricky we'd chosen to use said he would lay them until all the external doors were installed, the bricky emailed us advising he was pulling out of the job due to commitments to his regular employer, a project builder. Not much we could do, as our job was a 'one-off' to the bricky, and the project builder provides him with employment for the rest of the year.

front verandah with front door and external door to HT room

I've stained and put clear top coat on both of these doors, as I knew when the bricking was being done, the bare wood of the door would get messed up.

front pivot door
After a bit of hunting around for a new bricky, we ended getting one but his quote was nearly $4000 more than the original quote. Knowing that the original bricky may or may not be able to do the job after Christmas, it was decided to pay the extra to get it done now, rather than pay more in rent over the next few months.

bricks stacked and ready to be layed back of house
We went with off white mortar and pleased that we did so, as we were pointed to another house with the same bricks as us, but using regular mortar.

The side of our house, off white mortar

The other house with standard mortar same time of day
It appears the bricks are different, but in reality are the same.

front of house

As you will see in the photos, we put galvanised lintels above all doors and windows, and it does look so much better than the alternative of fibro above the windows/doors.

Looking down front verandah from garage end

Back of house

Back of house
The garage and laundry doors are half glass, as it's always good to see what's going on outside, as well as let some light in.

Never been a big fan of sliding glass doors, as they lose heat quickly, get hot in the summer sun (even though this is on the southern side of the house). Also you lose bench space in the laundry if you have a sliding door, and things fall down between the bench top and sliding door.

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