Sunday, 1 March 2015

Tiling Bathroom/Ensuite, toilet, and laundry (January 2015)

During January I had the bathrooms, toilet and laundry tiled. The floor in 300 x 300 tiles, and the wall with white porcelain 300 x 600 tiles horizontally (landscape) laid.

After the tiles were laid and grouted, I picked up some cheapo vanities from the Big Green Shed (Bunnings) for just $200 each, and whilst they aren't 'designer' vanities, they are all we need and they don't look out of place. :)

So now we're ready for the plumbing fit off.

Garage door and painting (December 2014)

Ordered a sectional garage door, only to find on the original install day they sent out a uninsulated door even though I had ordered an insulated door. This meant they had to take the wrong one back and get a new one manufactured.

This delay meant they couldn't get back up to install it until the week before Christmas. But it all went up fine so I could start to bring stuff to store in the garage.

As mentioned in the last post, I had started to paint the house with undercoat/primer, and then the top coats in the Dulux colour of Hogs Bristle, which is really starting to make the house look more like a home.

Kitchen and Laundry installed (December 2014)

Following on shortly after getting the gyprock put up, we were able to get our kitchen and laundry cabinets installed.

I was able to put a undercoat/primer on the walls before the kitchen was installed.

We decided to go rather simple and straight forward kitchen, with a breakfast bar, fridge alcove with small cabinet above it, corner pantry.

It's just a laminex benchtops, as the thought was not to spend heaps on the kitchen now, as we're going in to a new home with a new lifestyle from the last home of 28 years and built way back in 1980. I'm figuring once we get used to the new home, we're likely to do things a lot differently to what we used to, and we might find the kitchen isn't going to work as good for us. We can think about re-doing the kitchen in about 5 years or so, but since it has been built by cabinet makers that know what they're doing, it should last a hell of a lot longer. K & K Cabinets at Logan Village built and install it all.

Laundry has been done to lift the front loader washing machine up off the ground by about 350 - 400mm, so it will now be a lot easier to load and unload it. The tumble dryer will be above it to keep both together. A broom cabinet to the left of the washing machine and to the right a reasonable sized sink and cupboards below them all.

Gyprock done (November 2014)

Apologies for not keeping this blog up to date, and a lot has happened since I last wrote on this blog.

Early November had the guys in from Ornamental Contracting come to put up all the gyprock, square set throughout the house.

Had 13mm multistop (similar to soundcheck/firecheck) gyprock put all through the home theatre room, which I may or may not at a later date add another layer of 10mm with green glue inbetween the sheets.

The rest of the house is the normal 10mm gyprock with 6mm villaboard in the wet areas like bathrooms and laundry.

Under the back patio (alfresco) and front verandah I've had done with 13mm water resistant gyprock, as it looks a whole lot better the fibro with plastic joins all the way through it.

During the following after they put it up, and another crew came in the did the finishing off to bring it up to painting ready.

One thing they would rather I didn't do, was not to cut holes in the walls for the powerpoints/light switches, as it makes it a lot harder to do the joints and sanding. they tell me. :)