Sunday, 18 May 2014

Frame and Trusses up, Windows installed.

Have been extremely slack at updating this blog, and after about 3 weeks of having the frames up, I thought I should extract the 'digit' and blog about it. :)

Frames were delivered up the top of the driveway close by to the slab on the Tuesday, and my chippies put it up on the Wednesday.

The following week, the trusses were delivered, but instead of up the top of the driveway, they were put on the ground about halfway down the driveway, however the driver of the truck didn't pay any attention on the way out of block, and basically splattered our letterbox. :(

You can see in the second photo by the tyre tracks, not only did he flatten the letterbox, he drove over the top of the drain, which fortunately wasn't damaged, lest the council get up me for any damage.

After several weeks, the truss and frame company finally sent out a new letterbox, less the stand for it. Time for some more emails to them to get them to replace it, even though the post is around $10, it's the principle involved, as the letter box was a fair way from the road and not on the edge of the driveway, and dozens of other trucks have managed to clear it okay.

Edit: I made a mistake, the letterbox did come with the post inside the box. I opened the box up and found that the post for it is a 3 segment post that is screwed together. The new letterbox is there now, let's hope we don't get any trucks running over this one. :)

Dan and Jake the chippies getting close to finishing off the trusses.

It's now really starting to look like a house now. :)

 Just last week we had the windows and sliding door arrive from Bradnams, so the boys after wrapping the house in that foil insulation wrap R1.3 rating, put them in to the house.

The windows on the front are of a Low E glass, which have a slightly green tinge to them, but will help keep the heat in the house during the cooler months.