Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Worm Farm Treatment Plant installed

Last week we had Al from Worm Farm Treatment systems come up from Victoria to install our new sewerage treatment plant.

To top it off it coincided with the biggest lot of rain we've had all year! so by the end of the two and a half day's work, it looked like a boggy ol' swamp. :)

First step is getting the hole dug and the extra tie downs in the hole to ensure the tank doesn't move, even in very wet soil and empty/buoyant tank.
There's also some 100mm agi pipe down the bottom to drain off extra moisture that finds its way down there, which drains above the ground further down the block.

The tanks going down in to the previously dug hole for it, still to get the hopper on the top of it and the 'stink pipe' to allow the tank to breathe to keep the worms alive, as the processing of waste is an aerobic system.

Tank is now in place with hopper and 'stink pipe', just the transpiration pits, all 12 of them to be dug lower down on the block, where you see next to the driveway which get dug right across to the other side of the block. Those were done the next day.

Whilst rain on the day caused some delays, the biggest delay was with the Logan Council's plumbing department who had never seen this system before, in particular the fact there are NO pumps in any part of the system, so the entire system cost absolutely zero to run, unlike the usual HSTP systems, which can cost you $700 per year in electricity to run. Even if the block was flat, it only requires a 400watt pump that runs for around 10 minutes per day.  As I mentioned earlier, all the 'head honchos' of the council's plumbing department came out to see it in real life, so that were able to ask questions and get answers from Al who owns the business.