Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Excavation and clearing has started

Was out at the block most of yesterday watching the earthmoving contractor clearing the block and starting on the the house pad.

It is now feeling like something is finally happening at last.

Forgot to take appropriate protection and got myself very sunburnt. Didn't realise until late in the day that even though seeking shade whenever I could, I was getting awfully red.

Anyway, here's a couple of photo's

This is looking up towards the house pad area, just behind the first row of trees.

You might notice the strip of lawn close to the fence was maintained by the neighbours, which I thought was a good idea for them, as it better defines their property, and keeps the weeds down from being close to their property. I would do the same if I had a vacant block next door, as the extra bit that you mow isn't that much extra anyway, and it makes your own block look better.

Looking at the rough location of the house pad from the east side, and you can just see the neighbours house and shed. As you can see it is a fairly steep slope,

Clearing has started, and there goes some scrappy wattle trees.

This shot was taken from a similar location to the earlier one, but now the pad is being levelled off you can see the neighbours much easier, but now you can see the mountains/hills in the north west in the distance. We were a bit concerned when the council knocked back our earlier plan of building just outside of the BLE, as it dropped us down nearly 2 metres lower than desired, but I can sure live with this.
As the house is slightly angled on the block to face due north, this view will be easy to take. :)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

house plans

Thought it might be nice to show you the plans of our new house build.

A reasonable sized home theatre room, marked as media room to reduce questions asked by council, and a decent sized garage, so I can utilise it as a workshop and still have room to park the car whilst having space to weld or otherwise.

Garage door will be a panel lift door with insulation, currently looking at the Gliderol Insul-Glide, that will match the roof colour, which will be Colourbond Surfmist, as that'll help keep the house cooler in the hotter months, particulary as the house is going to be facing solar north to maximise solar PV production.