Sunday, 2 February 2014

Excavation and water tank installed

Been a tad sidetracked and forgot to update the blog (can't you see, I'm not much of a blogger!).

Last week we had the excavations finished, the water tank installed and back filled, and trenches dug on both sides of the block from the road to the house, one to take the trickle feed water up to the house, and the other to bring the power and phone up.

The bottom half of the tank is now in place, now to join the two halves together.

In order to prevent erosion, I've put up some shadecloth mesh  up, and added some turf sections to keep the topsoil in place. Whilst there's still a lot to go, I've still got to get in the worm farm treatment plant installed yet, which means more digging, I won't be buying too much turf just yet. In the meantime I've thrown down some grass seeds from the local produce shop and been watering them and the turf to try and keep all the soil on our block, and not down on the road.

Our dear friends at Tel$tra have bounced us all over the place, as the Jimboomba Woods estate was to be all NBN connected, Stages 1A and 1B weren't part of that plan, so when pre-provisioning was to take place, the private contractor turned up, only read part of the plan that said not to connect copper up in the estate, and drove away taking our 'ticket of work' away from us, with the claim that it has to go through the NBN side of Tel$tra. Whilst I'd kill to get NBN connected up, that just ain't going to happen for at least a couple of years. Anyway, I've got that ticket of work back, and hopefully they'll come back to pre-provision the copper.... unfortunately in the meantime the 100+M trench remains open to catch the rain and silt build up in it till they're ready to do what they should have done back on the 22nd January !

I'm going to run up a 32mm communications conduit with rope inside of it, so when the times comes for the NBN to finally arrive, they won't need to re-dig the trench all over again, as they'll be able to pull the fibre through without any real effort.