Friday, 3 October 2014

Special Site Inspection

I was just in doing some agi pipe extensions around the house and grabbed this image the other day of a special Site Inspector doing his inspection of the site.

He did have a question that he asked :-

"Where is this amateur tower thingy they said I could climb ?"

Had to tell him that paranoia had won out at this stage, and that the $6000 tower would not be appearing due to the tin foil hat brigade, that thought that amateur radio was a lot more 'dangerous' than having a mobile phone stuck to the side of a persons head or a leaky microwave oven in a kitchen.

Here's the photo that indicate the total height of the tower, taken by Logan Council officers from the street, that clearly show that the tower would not have been higher than the surrounding trees, and not much would have been seen from the road. I might add here that the pipe they held up was only a 100mm pipe, so the actual width of the tower would be less than 4 times the pipe (380mm) width.

I might add that the neighbours in the right of this photo were quite supportive of my AR hobby, even though they would have been the closest to the tower.

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