Saturday, 29 March 2014

Slab now done

After having the drainage done, we were able to get the concretor in to lay the waffle pod slab. This was a two day effort, with day one involving the formwork and waffle pods being laid down.

The formwork and base gravel and plastic sheeing being laid prior to the waffle pods being placed in to position.

Waffle pods now in place and rebar/reo mesh laid over the top on chairs. Right now it is starting to look like there's going to be a house built here.

The first blobs of concrete get pumped up on to the slab, lots of reo and many more trucks yet to turn up.

A view further up the block, where you can see the base of my amateur radio mast, which was concreted at the same time as the slab.

The slab is virtually finished, with part of the formwork already being pulled away.

Then the rain decided to pay us a visit. Wonderful!

Actually, not such a bad thing as the extra dampness of the top of the slab could help with the concrete curing. Only rained for a short period, so they were still able to run the whirlybird thing (I'm sure I'll be told what it is), to smooth the surface out a bit more.

You might notice the recessed shower pans , as we're looking at a step free bathroom and ensuites.

Next step is to get the worm farm treatement plant put in and connected up.

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