Saturday, 22 March 2014

Drainage done

After being told by the plumber he couldn't do the drainage until our worm farm treatment plant was installed, due to ensuring levels were going to match up, we got a call from him advising that he'd be here the next Monday to put it all in to place.

That's great news, as it means the slab can be done after this drainage is installed.

Got there early and advised the excavator operator the locations of the agi pipe that runs around the back of house, and assumed he understood the importance of the surveyors pegs. How wrong can one be ?

By the end of the day, he'd managed to dig up the agi pipe at both ends of the rear of the house, and managed to rip out 4 pegs, including the datum point in front of the house ! unfortunately I didn't stick around until they'd finished, as I had to be somewhere else.

Spoke to the plumber after visiting the block on the weekend, and he said he'd speak to the excavator operator about paying for the extra visit the surveyors to peg things out again, and would then credit me on his next bill. The extra surveyors work can to $412.

Next step is laying the waffle pod slab.

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