Monday, 17 March 2014

Piers concreted in place

The week following the Agi pipes going in behind the house, we got a call from the concretor saying he could do the piers in the next few days, which will be good because the drainage hasn't been done yet, and it should also give them a good chance to set and settle in to the ground, particulary if we got some rain in the meantime.

All the piers went in at different depths, with the one closest to camera only need to go down about 800mm, but the next one along went down 2400mm before it got down to rock.

Whilst they had the excavator with auger there, I got them to dig with the 600mm auger a hole in the position up the hill where I'll be putting my Amateur Radio mast.

The hole goes down a fair way as you can see, around 1600mm, but more on this topic in another blog post. :)

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