Sunday, 1 March 2015

Kitchen and Laundry installed (December 2014)

Following on shortly after getting the gyprock put up, we were able to get our kitchen and laundry cabinets installed.

I was able to put a undercoat/primer on the walls before the kitchen was installed.

We decided to go rather simple and straight forward kitchen, with a breakfast bar, fridge alcove with small cabinet above it, corner pantry.

It's just a laminex benchtops, as the thought was not to spend heaps on the kitchen now, as we're going in to a new home with a new lifestyle from the last home of 28 years and built way back in 1980. I'm figuring once we get used to the new home, we're likely to do things a lot differently to what we used to, and we might find the kitchen isn't going to work as good for us. We can think about re-doing the kitchen in about 5 years or so, but since it has been built by cabinet makers that know what they're doing, it should last a hell of a lot longer. K & K Cabinets at Logan Village built and install it all.

Laundry has been done to lift the front loader washing machine up off the ground by about 350 - 400mm, so it will now be a lot easier to load and unload it. The tumble dryer will be above it to keep both together. A broom cabinet to the left of the washing machine and to the right a reasonable sized sink and cupboards below them all.

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