Sunday, 29 December 2013

Land settled and plans done

Well we sold the old house after 28 years that was on 20 acres, and now we have made the big step to downsize to a 1 acre (and a bit, 4661sqm) block of dirt over at Jimboomba.

It's 36m wide by about 130m long block that rises up from the road by about 20 metres.

Certainly a big change for us, in particular Mum at the age of 83, and to top it off we're going to 'Owner Build' it.

Got all the plans done by the architect ANG Building and Design over at Rochedale, and put in to council for approval, with a MCU to allow us to build 4 metres over the Building Envelope (BLE), and back with the batters beyond that, as it is a sloping block. Initial phone calls with the council enviromental department ( there is a vegetation management order on the estate) was very positive with them stating the replacement of trees would be required. However after lodging the MCU, it was knocked back by that same dept, stating that they were concerned that we'd cut everything down off the block.

Plan B was to move the house 4 metres forward on the block, which meant losing nearly 2m of elevation (which was important to be able to see clearly over the top of the neighbours roof to the distant mountains), and have the batters outside of the BLE, which the council then approved without any problems at all.

Edit: Plan B had no requirement to replace any trees/vegetation at all ! However we will replanting suitable trees and shrubs after the house gets built.

Have had engineers do plans for the slab after providing them with soil test information.

The front (north) and left (east) side of the house

Right now we've contacted many contractors to do things from site preparation/excavating, to concretors for slab, chippies for frame and trusses, and plumbers.

Not too happy with many of the contacts that I've made that have either not bothered to respond with quotes, or simply quote without really taking the time to look at the plans !

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